I'm Not Sorry For Being Different
I'm Not Sorry For Being Different
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A Year Of Time

A little over a year ago, Ben and myself decided to take the leap and create this idea known to you as Unapologetic Youth. This idea was something we had been bouncing back and forth for a few months before the ground work finally came about. On a vacation in Florida, we were out for drinks in downtown St. Pete when we finally came up with the name UY, started original design ideas, and basically told ourselves we were going to bring this dream to life.  


Fast forward a few months we had purchased our first embroidery and sewing machine, started learning everything there was to learn about garment construction/the fashion industry, and started constructing and making our first pieces. Trail and error taught us so much about what we needed to do. What colorways to use, what garments people like, types of fabric, embroidery vs cut n sew vs screen print vs dtg. And so much more. This was probably the biggest step made, but the most important. Things will never work unless you do, so don't be afraid to take that step.


Fast forward a few more months to present day. It has been about a year since we have been in the clothing industry and working to create something from the ground up. We strive everyday to make unique clothing that makes YOU feel special when you put it on. We don't want to just be another clothing line, we want to be so much more. UY has the goal to make you feel special every-time you put on a piece of our clothing. We want you to know we made that piece for you. We aren't taking shortcuts to save money or time, we are going all out so you can see the true quality in our clothing. 


Ben and myself could never thank you enough for all the support in year 1. This is just the beginning and the ground work for what this amazing journey will become. We grind everyday trying to better ourselves and this brand for you guys. We hope you can see that and stick around for our journey. I mean we can't do it without you guys anyways so looks like you are stuck with us!


Peace and Love,

Nathan - May 2, 2021 @ 11 PM EST 

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